Paleo challenge

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A couple of months ago I participated in a Paleo challenge at my son and his girlfriend’s Crossfit method gym.  I freely admit, I was not totally Paleo.  Just not willing to give up the sweet creamer in my coffee or my Cosmopolitans…  That said, I did make some really yummy stuff with the assistance of my son’s girlfriend.

The first (I made on my own) dish was Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs.

CilantroLimeChicken2 300x200 Paleo challenge

Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs

CilantroLimeChicken3 300x200 Paleo challenge

Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs

CilantroLimeChicken5 300x200 Paleo challenge

Cilantro Lime Chicken Kabobs on my salad.

CilantroLimeChicken6 300x200 Paleo challenge


I also made Cilantro Lime Shrimp Kabobs.

CilantroLimeShrimp2 300x200 Paleo challenge CilantroLimeShrimp 300x200 Paleo challenge CilantroLimeShrimp3 300x200 Paleo challengeMy husband said they were yummy.

I also made the Kale Chicken Burgers.   I have posted previously making them on the griddle.  Notice the lone burger?  My husband doesn’t care for chicken…

KaleChickenBurger 300x200 Paleo challenge KaleChickenBurger2 300x200 Paleo challenge KaleChickenBurger4 300x200 Paleo challenge KaleChickenBurger6 300x200 Paleo challengeI made Linguiça spaghetti with zucchini noodles.  Awesome!image1 300x224 Paleo challengeimage2 300x224 Paleo challengeimage3 300x224 Paleo challengeimage4 300x224 Paleo challengeAdding cheese makes me so not Paleo!  But it is so scrumptious.

image e1404772206887 224x300 Paleo challengeOne of my favorite drinks is from Clean Program’s recipes.  Super easy, just coconut water, kale, pineapple (I use frozen), and Chia seeds.

image6 e1404772376386 225x300 Paleo challengeMy son’s girlfriend made fried plantain chips with guacamole.  Pretty good considering.

image8 224x300 Paleo challenge

Meatballsimage11 e1404772455483 224x300 Paleo challenge image12 e1404772471339 224x300 Paleo challenge image13 e1404772495946 300x224 Paleo challengeServed over riced cauliflower with a tomato beef sauce.

image7 e1404772546730 224x300 Paleo challengeAlmond bread.

image10 300x224 Paleo challenge

I made Paleo strawberry jam.  Just strawberries, dates, and Chia seeds.image14 e1404772591113 300x224 Paleo challengeThen we tried it on almond bread with almond butter.  Not quite a PBJ but a good Paleo substitute.

image15 e1404772830850 300x224 Paleo challenge

Dessert, Paleo molten lava cake.image16 e1404772888647 300x224 Paleo challenge

It wasn’t sweet enough for me so I added the strawberry jam

image17 300x267 Paleo challengeA few days later, I made coconut frosting shots.  I used date palm sugar but it left the finished product a little thinner the it is supposed to be.  Topped off with fresh blueberries.

image34 300x224 Paleo challengeI lived on what I have renamed Chodaco’s.  Almonds or cashews, dates, unsweetened coconut, and cocoa powder.  They were my sugar fix.

It is a wonderful life!  I made gluten free fresh fruit tarts (not Paleo) for the fourth of July.  I just substituted coconut flour for the regular flour.  Work perfect.  I over baked them just a tiny bit.

image18 300x224 Paleo challengeCovered so much ground with so much more to go!  Will do soon.

It is a blessed life we lead!

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Another chapter…

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I am starting yet another chapter in my life.  I quit my job to focus on my “Vaquero’s BBQ ~ Dippin Sauce”, hopefully add the mild version, my three BBQ rubs, an Asian Fusion sauce, and continue to do my husbands books.

Check out my Kickstarter fundraiser!

photo main 300x225 Another chapter...

If I don’t keep the front fountain clean, I get bubbles!

Bubbles5 2 14 2 300x200 Another chapter... Bubbles5 2 14 300x200 Another chapter...

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