I’m still here…

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Well for those of you who think I have dropped off the face of the earth, I haven’t’!  Just a crazy busy life going on here.

I have been taking photographs and crafting.  I just have not had (or made) the time to blog.  I’ll try to catch you up by photos a nd perhaps blog more in the New Year.

Here we go…

Sometime prior to my husbands second surgery, “C” made Chicken-Kale burgers.  Surprised me!  I like them.


I made lotion.  I ran short on the oil so it was thicker than I would like it to be but I just wet my hands prior to use and it spreads and rubs in easily.



Mother’s Day gift

Hydrangia2 Hydrangia3

June 2012

One of the very few garden photographs I took.


My parents along with my oldest sister and her husband came to help out.  They weed-wacked, weeded, picked strawberries, and helped me get the pool back in shape.  Daddy also helped me re-do some plumbing on the pool which had been originally put together wrong.  Hence the need to get the pool “back in shape”.  Mom recreated a sandwich she had in Palo Alto around the first of the year.


Fresh sliced mushrooms. She sautéed in butter.


A very nice sourdough baguette sliced down the middle.


Fresh mozzarella, sliced.


Sliced omatoes.  Fresh from the garden.


Spread garlic-basil butter on baguette.  Layer mushrooms, tomato, and mozzarella.  Then we broiled it for a few minutes.


Sprinkled on some chopped basil and drizzled the top with balsamic reduction.


Slice into individual size servings and voila!  Delish!

August through October 2012

The beginning of my spaghetti sauce.  This batch was so large I cooked it for ten days during which time an earthquake hit and splash the sauce onto my kitchen floor!  What a mess.


Peyton’s first birthday,


Peyton'sBirthday3 Peyton'sBirthday2 Peyton'sBirthday

This year’s favorite grape juice ~ French Columbard.  Such a pretty pink color from a white grape. Who knew?  The darker one on the left is still hot.  It became a light pink as it cooled.


December 2012

This years Christmas card.  Only sent a few.


I made hand warmers as gifts for family, friends, and coworkers.  I stumbled across the idea on Pinterest.  A bit of fleece, 1/2 cup of rice for each, and a ribbon to make a pretty bow.


I made a “themed” wreath for work.  If you look closely there is a walker, crutch, cane, wound care items, pain level chart, Bosu, Tens unit, Ab balls, compression stocking material, and resistance bands.  Don’t look too closely; I was on a rushed time frame.


Swabs & skin prep for wound care.


Ab balls.


A “Tens” unit.


A Bosu.




A crutch and a cane.


The bow is made of compression stocking, the ribbon is resistance bands of different tensions.


I’m glad to have a new year to look forward to!  Merry everything, happy always to all of you.

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4 Responses to I’m still here…

  1. Henny Penny says:

    Decide to check up on you. I’m glad your still around. I hope your husband is well.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for checking in! I’m still here sporadically. My husband is FINALLY making headway in the right direction. I check in on you occasionally as well. Hope your winter is going well. Blessings.

  2. Mom says:

    Very nice. We loved the hand warmers, bath turban, and the cards. Keep up the good work. Love you

    • admin says:

      Thank you! So glad your enjoying the gifts. I haven’t posted the turban or the makeup bag yet. I wanted to get them to you before you saw them on the blog. I will try to live up to my “roots”. Love you more!

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