Basket Making

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This is a basket I didn’t finish a year and a half ago.  It is a brown that’s not too bad.  I have purchased my supplies from The Canning Shop.  Originally it was a store in Berkeley, CA with mail order.  They now have a great online store.  I have never purchased dyes from them.  I just used Rit dye which is available at many stores.

I was unhappy with my results so I just stuck it in the pantry and forgot about it until now.  So I pulled that out and finished it.  Notice how it is darker in the centers?  That is due to soaking it in water to soften the canning so I could finish it.  Then I scorched the frayed canning with a lighter.

When it is dry, oil it with mineral oil and a paint brush to keep it hydrated.  It is still not my best work but not totally worthless.

I decided to make a small basket.  I found two small hoops and arranged them to my desired shape.  It is easier to start with a standard cross which makes a basket with a handle.

Shaping my basket

After soaking my dyed canning, I started the “God’s Eye”.

Anyone remember making God’s Eyes in school?

Gods Eye continued
Wrapping and turning

Continuing until I finished one side and then I made the other side.

Finished Gods Eye

Then I started to fit the spines into the God’s Eye.

I need to trim the spines so that I will have a “flat” bottom.  I will add four more spines.
I will continue to post as my work progresses…

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