Out Door Hanging Votive Holder

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Out Door Hanging Voltive Holder

2- pieces of 11″ long wire

2-pieces of 15″ long wire

1/2 cup sand

1-small mouth Mason/Kerr jar

Take 2 pieces of 11″ wire and beginning in the middle, twist together.

Form into a circle that will snugly fit on your jar.  Make sure you leave enough room to add the hanger.  Twist ends to connect.

Shape 15″ twisted wire (using same steps as for 11″).  Make loops to attach to circle.  Attach and twist loops to secure.  As you would with a lid, gently screw circle onto jar.

Add 1/2 cup sand

Place votive snugly into sand.  As always, please be careful with any flammable items.

I hope you will enjoy making and using these.  I know I will.  My daughter is excited to use them at her wedding!

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