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Well, I weeded one side.  Didn’t think I would get to the other but…  I prevailed!  I just made myself take a break from computer work every hour or so and spent 15 or so minutes digging and pulling.  Before I knew it I was finished!  The daffodils and freesia are going gang busters!  I have to weed carefully so I do not pull out anything that has re-seeded itself.






Early spring.  My strawberries are overgrown and burnt by the freezing temperatures.







I thinned the beds dramatically!





Second crop

Fall - Overgrowing my bed!

2011 Artichokes



Early summer.  My strawberries have grown and are producing in abundance.





Late summer.  A second crop of strawberries.  Who knew?





I have runners running a muck!  Anyone need strawberry plants?





Early spring.  My artichokes are going gangbusters!




I do not remember the name of this artichoke.  It has more thorns than the “Globe”

Green Globe



The Green Globe has fewer thorns.  It is my favorite due to this fact!



Green Globe whoppers!



Some of the Green Globe artichokes this year (2011) were 5 1/2″ across.  Two people could share one.

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