Watashi No Fusion Salad

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Watashi No (loosely translated is MY) Fusion Salad

Now by “fusion” I mean another manifestation of fusion cuisine by a more eclectic approach, featuring original varieties of ingredients from various cuisines and combining them. Such as using mint and olive oil in an otherwise traditionally Asian sauce.

This is a wonderfully light, slightly spicy dressing for a noodle/veggie/chicken dish.


2 chicken breast

2 packages ramen noodles

Vegetables (your choice of bell peppers, peas, carrots, etc.) chopped, sliced or shredded

Dressing (below)


1/2 C ginger slices (pealed) firmly packed

1 C fresh cilantro chopped (stems and all) firmly packed

1/2 C Rice Wine vinegar

1 T dried red pepper flakes

1/4 C lemon juice (my lemon trees are producing more than the lime trees)

2 T brown sugar firmly packed

1 T garlic powder (or a couple of fresh cloves minced finely)

1/2 C olive oil (instead of peanut due to allergens)

1 C sesame oil

1 T fresh mint leaves chopped and firmly packed

1 t salt

1 T sesame seeds

*Makes enough for two batches of salad

Puree all the above items excluding the sesame seeds until well blended.  Add the sesame seeds and blended one last time.

Then cook a couple of chicken breasts in peanut oil (any oil will work) until nicely browned.

While the breasts are cooking, prepare a couple of ramen noodle packages minus the herb package.  Then drain them.  I have used rice noodles before but they can be gummy.  I am sure you can use plain pasta noodles if you need or want to.

Next  rummaged around the crisper!   I used sugar pod peas, red and yellow bell peppers and a carrot to chop up.  I decline broccoli as it does not hold over well for leftovers.

Now it was time to mix it all together.  Put the noodles in the bowl first.  Pour a small amount of the dressing on them and mix well.  Place veggies into the bowl second.  Again pour a small amount of dressing on top and mix well.  Sliced or diced chicken are the final to enter the bowl.  Continue to toss the salad, adding dressing as needed or desired.  Voila!

You could add anything you like to the mix.  I’m sure bok choy, red cabbage, or any veggie you like would be a wonderful addition.  I was even thinking cashews!  My youngest wanted the crunchy toasted things but I didn’t have any…




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